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There's no question that "A Nightingale"--maybe the strongest of the trio--comes across as a verbatim exchange between and
We're more excited than Blanche Devereaux on a first date.
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By pooling their resources as housemates, Golden Girls' hottie-of-a-certain age Blanche Devereaux and her homegirls Dorothy, Rose and Sophia keep on living the good life through retirement.
Who can forget those four spirited, side-splitting, single senior ladies who lived together in a bungalow in Miami. We’re
Golden Girls Retirement Plan:Could this beloved 80's sitcom hold the solution to the impending retirement crisis facing America's workforce? Or even provide some much needed help over a few financial planning hurdles for the LGBTQI community?
11. Estelle Getty had a phobia of death. One of the most beloved rituals on the show was the communal sharing of a delicious
Enter Heklina (Dorothy), Cookie Dough (Sophia), Matthew Martin (Blanche) and Pollo Del Mar (Rose). The local show became
Sophia Petrillo's one-liners remain as timeless as ever, but it's been exactly 27 years since "The Golden Girls" first debuted
Break out the cheesecake. In a fairy tale that only San Francisco could give birth to, four mischievous drag queens are revitalizing television's most celebrated characters, The Golden Girls.
Happy New Year, darlings. All of you reading this piece have something in common: you survived 2010. Not everyone was so lucky, and a lot of people, as always, took the off-ramp from Life.
The last surviving Golden Girl, -- now that Rue McClanahan died last week, -- Betty White is also the IT girl, hot on the football field, on Twitter, as Saturday Night Live host, and on a new television show.
Rue McClanahan's Midtown apartment hit the market last week to considerable interest. The Golden Girl, who died earlier this
After a long career as an actress on stage and screen, Rue McClanahan died this month at 76. Her New York City apartment
We're all saddened by Rue McClanahan's passing away this week, leaving Betty White as the last surviving "Golden Girl." As
If animals could sing, I have no doubt that they'd serenade Rue with the Golden Girls theme song: "Thank You for Being a Friend."