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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with President Obama at the White House on Monday in his first trip back to Washington after an unsuccessful campaign to block the Iran nuclear deal.
Expressive activity of any kind should be considered part and parcel of free speech, and thus deserves protection from viewpoint-based censorship. And just because students won't be allowed on stage to debate Maher point-by-point doesn't mean he isn't participating in an exchange of ideas.
The day liberals confuse real talk and passionate debate with bigotry is the day Bill O'Reilly and Fox news shape the narrative of our nation.
She compared it to host Brian Stelter being labeled on air as a "white man" or Alan Dershowitz as "Jewish lawyer." Former
UPDATE: MSNBC issued a statement on Wednesday saying that Jebreal has not actually been a contributor since last month: A
I still hope for a day when Israeli filmmakers will be allowed to show their films in festivals throughout the Arab world and Palestinian filmmakers will once again show their oeuvres in Jerusalem, Haifa and other festivals around the country.
The violence in the Middle East has dominated the news since Israel launched a ground invasion of Gaza last week. Sunday
MSNBC's Rula Jebreal calls out the Media for biased coverage of Israeli Palestinian Conflict
Veering toward the political, recordings announcing the dropping of the atomic bomb, and the gap between words and music became more pronounced.
Peter Brant, Miral Jebreal, Rula Jebreal, Julian Schnabel/courtesy Billy Farrell Agency Party shot/courtesy Billy Farrell
This film presents Palestinians as everyday human beings in all their complexities. Miral provided a public service to viewers who are unexposed to the Israel occupation.
This week, days before Miral's release, I talked to Rula Jebreal about her life, her story, the film, violence, and her optimism for a peaceful future for Israelis and Palestinians alike.
That the screening became cause for Jewish opprobrium seems to reflect deeper issues. Was this a protest of the film itself
Schnabel has succeeded in two fields that are notoriously difficult to making a living at: art and film. Now he has taken on a real challenge: making a movie about a Palestinian girl.
Schnabel's film does not instigate a new critique. Rather, continues a discourse in Israel with intellectuals and writers like David Grossman, Amos Oz, and Yehuda Amichai.
I was shocked when the MPAA awarded my film Miral an "R" rating. Women are objectified constantly in PG-13 movies, and such objectification is rewarded with a friendlier rating.
Sitting at the restaurant in New York that afternoon, Rula told me that one of the reasons she wrote Miral was for her daughter
We can be truthful in our endeavors, search for objectivity, keep a critical eye, but if we forget we always are -- despite our best intentions -- in a subjective space, we are lying to ourselves and to others.