If you're stuck on rum and Cokes, you're missing out on this liquor's best qualities.
The story of Bacardi begins in 1830, in the thriving Catalan community of the Cuban city of Santiago de Cuba. Early in the
But can a cocktail solve a little bit of the doldrums? We went to Cayman Brac's Le Soleil D'Or to get one of their recipes
WHAT TRUMP WOULD TWEET, IF HE DRANK: I love Booker's Bourbon! A big, beautiful, HIGH PROOF bourbon made in KENTUCKY, a state
The scary-looking jet-black Brennivín label depicts Iceland's coastline, as if it were a tipple just for fishermen. In fact
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"I can’t imagine that I did anything before this."
Bridget Firtle took her niche expertise in the beverages & spirits market and became a craft rum distiller
Bridget Firtle took her niche expertise in the beverages & spirits market and became a craft rum distiller
The instore cask program is extremely popular with customers as each blend is unique and is rarely repeated. It typically
In honor of the popular spirit, here's how to serve up delicious cocktails.
Fermentation at Mt Gay is a relatively quick two to three days. Molasses is mixed with water and then boiled to sterilize
Pineapple is great on its own, but it is more versatile than you might think. And as spring approaches there really isn't
Scot Sanborn stood behind the bar and concentrated on a drinking glass. He wiped it clean and carefully laid the glass on
So in one of my more inspired moments, I decided to get a few friends together to drink with me -- and talk about what we were drinking. And these friends just happened to be some of the brightest lights in the world of booze.
With its syrupy sweet flavor, tropical spice tanginess and strong association with tiki drinks, rum is the quintessential summer spirit. Fittingly, National Rum Day is celebrated during one of the warmest times of the year -- when our taste buds crave refreshing, island-style flavors.
Hopefully this little grab-bag may pique your interest in mezcal when you really checked in to read about the new Jack Daniel's expression.