rumble in the jungle

The documentary "Soul Power" sheds light on Ali's time in Zaire in 1974.
"What is being called rock 'n' roll today, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, it's all the same as the stuff we did way back in the day. The only thing that's changed is the beat. You can get a whole drum set on your iPad. That's the whole difference in the music. That's why everything today sounds alike."
James Brown once performed "Cold Sweat" with Wilson Pickett also known as the Wicked Pickett.
Childhood heroes never die though. They last forever. And for me and The Reaper... Muhammad Ali, nee Cassius Clay in Louisville, Kentucky... will always and forever be... the one and only.... eternally... "The Greatest."
See examples of Johnson's work in the slideshow below, and let us know what you think in the comments section. Music is carefully
Obama's efforts are reminiscent of Ali's rope-a-dope strategy he employed in The Rumble In the Jungle in 1974 against George Foreman.
I defy anyone to sit still through much of Soul Power, Jeffrey Levy-Hinte's infectiously funky concert documentary about the Zaire '74 music festival.
I spoke with Don King on the election, the rise and fall of Mike Tyson, how his famous hairstyle came to be, and who really is the greatest fighter of all time.
When pundits make hyperventilating claims about Obama's alleged campaign appeasement, it is vital to note that Obama has played this game before. Those who are calling for an all-out assault against McCain have short memories.