run the jewels

"I’m tired of seeing Black men die," declared the Run the Jewels rapper, who called for calm and also slammed Donald Trump as a "dumbass."
Killer Mike has become a vocal activist in the fight against oppression in all its forms.
The perfect video for a very-far-from-perfect election year.
Universal is developing the action-comedy “Run the Jewels” and has set up the movie project with Kevin Hart at his Hartbeat
Deliver us a to place where we can check our worries at the gate and surrender to the flow for a few days. A place that isn't
"Into Dust" is a wicked track - and I mean that very nicely. Talk to me about the evolution of the single and how it fits
The rap star and the presidential candidate seem to agree on most issues.
The two met for soul food at The Busy Bee in Atlanta on Nov. 23rd.
The rapper-activist said Sanders "has spent the last 50 years radically fighting for your rights and mine."