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"My Sikh faith teaches me to confront any injustice I encounter in this world."
85-year-old Deirdre Larkin, has the fastest half marathon time in the world in her age division.
You feel as if you’re the king (or queen) of all workouts.
Some of us know how long we have and most of us forget to live each day to the fullest. If you are reading this story and fighting your way back from something, I hope that it will inspire you too. Ericka believes that when your time is up, it's up. It was just not her time.
As a high-school student in Santa Clarita, California, Jeannie Rutherford was a track-and-field standout -- until a dreadful
If you resolve to race – even in a small, free event – once a month in 2016, you'll conquer race day jitters.
"I didn't know you were into running," my grandpa said over the phone as I recovered on the couch a few hours after the race. "I didn't either," I replied, laughing. Others expressed similar surprise that the "gym girl" had now turned into a runner.
When you open a running journal it should remind you of what you love about the sport. Your journal should have amusing doodles in the margins and dog-eared pages that recount your greatest efforts or darkest days of injury.
What are you doing to breathe new life into your training this spring? Has the winter been tough for you?