If anyone ever wrote a history of trails, they would first find animal trails lacing through dense forests and jungles and
You feel as if you’re the king (or queen) of all workouts.
"I picture myself finishing, then enjoying whatever I'm going to be doing right after. Having something to drink, a snack
Runners understand that easy running is really just a term for controlled effort and that it only comes after hundreds or thousands of miles have passed beneath your feet.
A time when running feels more like work than play, and you start to wonder if you need it anymore. After all, if it's not fun, there are plenty of other things to do instead. Fun is the key to running longevity. Here are five ways to rekindle your running passion and find love on the run.
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For runners without a sound race strategy and some serious self-discipline, mile two is where PR's fade to black. Here are a some things you can do to run a better second mile in your next 5K race.
This method comes in the form of another short quiz: Do you run? If you answered "yes," then you are officially a real runner
Perfection doesn't exist in the world of running. There are great runners, great venues, great weather, great competitors, and great races. There are no perfect days. The secret to running and racing is acceptance, perseverance and positivity.
Before a runner even enters a race, they must have in their mind that they will accomplish whatever goal they have set for
My point is not that these races are bad. I admire the runners who compete in these events. My point is that these overly expensive, aggressively marketed and highly socialized races can push runners to jump in too early, or for the wrong reasons. Peer pressure, intentional or not, is a difficult thing to resist.
This equation is simple:a few minutes of discipline equals hours of comfort, pleasure, a lengthened lifespan, and less time spent on medical procedures.
Not every run is enjoyable. Some runs are just work. But that's okay. The hurt and the work are what make our accomplishments so sweet. Revel in the entire training experience, even the long run. Running is a blessing and an opportunity to be cherished.
Running clubs are not new, of course. The first to register with the Road Runners Club of America was the New York Road Runners
Fitness professionals praise simple, sustainable and modifiable moves.
I'm happy to report that there were no blaring horns from passing cars, no insults from roadside hecklers, and I was not
Over the weekend, I asked a girlfriend to join me for a jog along the Hudson River Park Bikeway. The weather was perfect, so we agreed to run to Chelsea Piers and back and stop for coffee afterward. But we started off on an awkward foot -- no pun intended...
If you're hoping for a guilt-free slice of pie, a morning run will do the trick. However, the average Thanksgiving meal has