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Hearing the words one mile left never felt so sweet. I was on the home stretch towards finishing my first half-marathon, and
Nike was founded by upstart running geeks and has evolved into a $30 billion sporting conglomerate. But running, and a runner
1. Do you tend not to brag about, or even mention, your running to others? 4. When someone asks about your running, do you
Give yourself a small confidence boost you need by doing this. This 60-minute rule works for other things, too: I stick with
The best thing I've done for my running lately was to not run. Sounds heretical, but for the past few months, rather than running four or five days a week, I swam two days and went cross-country skiing another two or three. If I ran at all, it was once a week, a few easy miles.
There I was, feeling as graceful as a water buffalo, running next to what I felt like was a pack of gazelles.
Plus, the mile is making a comeback. It's been a long time since the distance has really mattered in our sporting landscape
And yes, we'll be doing this again next year. David Willey is the editor-in-chief of Runner's World. Follow him on Twitter