running of the bulls

The Spanish tradition, celebrated by locals and decried by animal rights activists, added to its gruesome toll.
Though European countries are reopening from lockdown in stages, it's clear returning to normal will be a long and dispiriting process.
The Washington cornerback crossed the dangerous challenge off his bucket list.
San Francisco public defender Jaime Alvarez was recovering from a harrowing neck wound he sustained taking a video during the San Fermin festival.
Another American and a Spaniard also were gored, and three others injured in the controversial, centuries-old daredevil ritual.
The men, aged 29 and 35, were among three people gored on Friday.
It's cruelty masquerading as celebration. Terrorized animals, thrust into a world of screaming, slick surfaces, physical torment, and, in the end, serial, protracted stabbing.
At least five people were injured during Sunday's run.