running playlist

It doesn't matter if you're looking for fast beats, thumping base or inspiring lyrics, motivational tunes can be found in just about any musical genre. But sometimes, we just might find ourselves looking for a more literal uplift.
While these are some of my favorite songs in quiet moments, they are also the ones I quickly skip while running. But today's run was meant to be an easy one -- I have a 10K race in a couple of days and just wanted to move a bit without overdoing it.
Nicki Minaj and Rihanna's song "Fly" is all about winning and flying, exactly what I want to do when I get on the track. Wale's "Ambition" keeps me setting my goals higher and higher, and Beyonce is my absolute favorite.
I dug around the rest of my music library and realized this "can't stop, won't stop" mentality is actually pretty regular for me. Here are a few others I like, although I hadn't necessarily run to all of them. Now, thanks to my brand new Can't Stop, Won't Stop playlist, I sure will.
I'm always searching for new workout music, and the main thing I look for -- especially when it comes to running tunes -- is a song with a solid, quick beat.
Your body still loves you. And the more love you give it, the more it will love you back.
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