rupal patel

I don't know how to identify myself. I can't say that I am a writer or an artist or any other neatly defined, entirely cohesive entity. But my writing belongs to me. When I listen to my words, I hear the sound of me. And if I look at all the words that are now outside of my head out there in the real world, sometimes I can even see "what" I am.
Grimaldo's mother said she was thrilled with the result, and that she could hear some of Samantha's voice in it. "We're just
Influencers and Innovation: Associate Professor Rupal Patel discusses how VocaliD is giving individuals with speech impairments a chance to personalize the voice that comes from their assisted devices.
We have been hearing a lot lately about the ways that next generation technologies are going to empower people in ways that were unimaginable before. But this story is just one very specific way that technology is transforming lives. Beautiful.