Rupert Everett

The star of NBC's "The Good Place" also reveals what he'd like to see next for queer characters on the big screen.
One of the most celebrated authors of his time, Oscar Wilde spent two years in jail for "gross indecency." When given the option to flee London or go into exile in Paris, he preferred waiting for the police while dining on lobster at the discreet Cadogan Hotel.
He told the newspaper: The "My Best Friend's Wedding" star recently sat down with The Daily Telegraph in anticipation of
We were compared to drug addicts and the mentally ill. We were even preached to that God hates us. Is it any wonder we were all in the closet back then?
I'm currently devouring Rupert Everett's delicious second volume of memoirs, Vanished Years. It's scandalously funny. Everett writes like a dream, damn him, but it's his candor, not his skill, that makes his memoirs so hilarious. Disarmingly, Everett is perhaps most candid about himself.
"Straight men get every opportunity to play gay parts that they want and then win tons of awards for doing so," Everett said
Parents should be judged on their parenting, not on their sexuality. If I were a kid living in care, I'd much rather have two dads who want me, love me and work two and half years to prove to some strangers that they can care for me than a mother and a father whose lives I'm simply a part of.
"[Mom] thinks children need a father and a mother and I agree with her," he told the magazine. "I can't think of anything
What is the result of all of broad, sweeping generalities about homosexuality in our public discourse? I believe that all people will be damaged by this kind of talk. The human race, far and wide, will not be able to think in complex ways.
Rupert Everett has spoken with the grace of a toddler throwing a brick. In an interview with the British Sunday Times, he said, among many things, that he "can't think of anything worse than being brought up by two gay dads."
I feel like my adult wet dream just became a nightmare. Knowing one of my biggest celebrity crushes, Rupert Everett, blatantly
It seems that you, Elton John, and George Michael can't skip a day without such pithy nonsense running from your mouths. However, in this particular case, you were talking about me, my parter, our kids, and all the other LGBT families out there.
And in 2008, while promoting a film in which he played a 19th century soldier, Everett claimed contemporary British soliders
The movie, despite its seemingly salacious subject, is completely charming and amusing.
Oh, let's just get it out there: This is a movie about the invention of the vibrator and women seizing the reins of their own pleasure.
So how much research …? [Laughter] The writers used to joke that there are women doing research all over the world. Yeah
The new movie Hysteria answers an age old question, what do women want most?
One foil to Quinto's optimism, actor Rupert Everett told the Observer in 2011 that coming out was a mistake. "For an actor