Despite last-minute negotiations, Paul Ryan’s Obamacare replacement has failed to pass The House of Representatives.
Despite last-minute negotiations, Paul Ryan’s been forced to pull the Obamacare replacement bill due to a lack of support
After 11th hour negotiations, Paul Ryan’s Obamacare replacement bill has been approved by The House of Representatives. But the House Freedom Caucus stripped key benefits from the bill, meaning it will hurt disadvantaged Americans even more than first thought.
The House of Representatives has been forced to delay its vote on Paul Ryan’s Obamacare replacement, after last-minute negotiations failed to bring widespread support for the health care bill amongst the House GOP.
Banking's consequential leadership failures are now a matter for the history books. But the media's complex leadership failures
Agriculture and the environment are often in competition, because one needs to use what the other needs to conserve.
Mama Neema received trainings on land and property rights, which gave her the confidence to demand village authorities for
Before I left on my cycling trip, I had planned to film short interviews with locals for a partner project, No Labels, a
When I left this peaceful place for the first time to live in a big city, one of the things that struck me was the anonymity
The commercials, dusted with corn-fed humor, feature lonely male farmers at a loss for love in tilled America. The initial moments of rural longing give way to a voice-over, or a talking cattle dog, suggesting Farmers Only Dot Com. Instantly, love seems possible under spacious, a revelation reinforced by a jingle, "You don't have to be lonely with Farmers Only Dot Com."
There are certain unavoidable truths I have come to accept this time of year. First, mud season stinks. Second, any resolve I have to stick it out at the end of a two mile dirt road quickly disappears like steam from boiling sap.
On May 25, 2015, solar microgrid lighting illuminated the small farming village of Bommekallu, Karnataka, for the first time. Two grids, self-contained, connected two large solar panels to 22 houses, providing lighting insurance against the two to four hours of daily power cuts.
Amazon and eBay among retailers stocking the stinky product.
The current methods deployed by the UN to measure urbanity through population count is an epistemologically identical and empirically unjustified equivalent of a system conceived half a century ago, one that relies on questionable methodologies to homogenize the heterogeneous "urban" cohort.
Our small towns are vibrant hubs for innovation and creative collaborations because we all need to pull together to tackle community issues.
As any small-town aficionado will tell you, there are plenty of advantages to living away from the big city, and you don't have to completely abandon your urban lifestyle.
In the early 1990s, Poland transferred ownership and management of the public schools to local authorities. But in many of the smaller, less densely populated areas, there wasn't enough money to keep the schools going, and thousands were closed. The crisis compelled Alina Kozinska-Baldyga to abandon her Ph.D. and throw herself into a new project to save rural schools.
By 2010 or there abouts, America was supposed to have been a fully-fiberized nation with fiber optic-based broadband utilities -- really.