rural communities

Route 3. A dirt road in Leake County, Mississippi that holds fond memories of my grandparents’ farm making mud pies, playing
This article was originally published on Berkeley News. Read the original article. To measure overt racial attitudes, participants
In recent years, forced displacement has become a global problem of unprecedented scale, driven by conflict, violence, persecution and human rights violations. What is often not recognized is that forced displacement has a strong rural dimension.
“I’m celebrating my 30th birthday today, not with my friends toasting over champagne or dancing until dawn, but with 30 women I’ve just met in Ethiopia."
How did we get to this point in California? Why, in one of the most prosperous states in the wealthiest country in the world, must families wait in line to use a portable shower stall and donated water in a church parking lot in order to bathe?
While urbanites improve, country dwellers are falling behind.
"You don't need to cut trees. You can use your waste in order to cook."
While the well-outfitted, commissioned FSA photography corps were traveling across America documenting life throughout the
But what else has shaped global health in 2015? And what could be in store during the year to come? US announces Africa needs
The use of drones for military situations is increasingly being adapted for peaceful purposes. It is to be hoped that these constructive uses will come to dominate their use in the future.