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"Buttoned Up Cloud" represents the 2300-mile journey between my small, rural hometown in eastern Washington to an equally small suburb in western Pennsylvania.
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The walls at Rush Arts Galleries are expanding beyond New York City and into Philadelphia, PA. The news was delivered during the fourth annual Gold Rush Awards.
Culture & Arts
The series launches on October 2 on WORLD Channel and October 4 on PBS, with the episode "Mainstream USA," which looks at how the small town of Clarkston, Georgia is negotiating increased diversity levels.
With this weekend being their annual Gold Rush Awards fundraiser in New York, I caught up with Danny to learn the story of how Rush began.
The Robin Thicke "Roadie For A Day" experience is part of the 2013 Art For Life Auction, hosted by Charitybuzz and launched
I’m invested in Diamond Empowerment Fund, which provides higher education for Africans in places where diamonds are a natural
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Danny Simmons is an artist. Not the kind of artist who compromises for publicity that evaporates with the emergence of the "next big thing," but a true multifaceted artist who takes pride in exposing raw, untapped talent hailing from urban neighborhoods
The history of our nonprofit Rush Philanthropic is a family history, one of brothers helping one another to help those less fortunate than themselves.
The research supporting the need for Arts within an educational system is uncontroversial. Kids exposed to the Arts within their school do better academically and emotionally.
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After monthly food festivals featuring a seasonal harvest item, February -- the dead of winter month -- lends itself to our imagination... and for us, the crop is love.