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Mayer may not have ended up filling that role, but Perry isn’t worried about finding a future life partner. When asked how
"From a lot of searching for help… through a lot of changing how I think about myself," she says. "On this record, there’s
The 28-year-old recently sat down with W magazine ahead of the release of her new album, "Prism," and was asked point-blank
After "eschewing all others" to be with New Statesman editor (aka Hugh Grant's ex-girlfriend) Jemima Khan, Russell Brand
Brand and Khan in New York Sunday: Khan and Grant in 2007: So back to the present: Brand, 38, and Khan, 39, were snapped
Welcome back to Celebrity Week in Review! Justin Bieber made headlines for more bratty behavior when he allegedly told his
Ouch! Russell Brand reportedly didn't play nicely when discussing ex-wife Katy Perry at a recent stand-up routine. The comedian allegedly poked fun at his sex life with the pop singer, joking that he would think about other people while they did the deed.
Russell Brand either slammed Katy Perry's sack skills, or really showcased his sexual compulsions and addictions in a way
“He’s devastated by what Katy has said, given that they’ve been in contact on numerous occasions,” the unnamed source said
Katy Perry "goes there" with Vogue about two of her high-profile relationships in the magazine's July cover story. The singer says of ex-husband Russell Brand that she "was in love with him when I married him" in 2010. She adds that she hasn't heard from the comedian since Brand sent her a text on New Year's Eve 2011 saying he wanted a divorce, about 14 months later.
"I tried it and I loved it. I really think she’s a lovely beautiful person. It’s just hard isn’t it? She’s got a lot of options
Not all stars exercise restraint when talking about their splits. Click through the slideshow below to check out some of
Click through the slideshow to see nine women Brand has been romantically linked to since the split. Then, listen to the
If the gossip rags are correct, Russell Brand has had very few lonely nights since he filed for divorce from Katy Perry back
Brand filed for divorce from Perry in December 2011 after only 14 months of marriage. They finalized the divorce in July
But where exactly did his marriage to Perry go wrong? As it turns out, the two celebrities just weren't compatible. "Sometimes
"You have to let go of the instinct to protect someone once you divorce them," he told Stern. When asked if he thought Mayer