The stage at the Lyceum Theater for this exceptional theater event, the current revival of Arthur Miller's A View From the
The tic I find annoying in the work of very busy director Ivo van Hove is happily suppressed for his revival of A View From the Bridge, birthday-boy Arthur Miller's unrelenting, as usual, play.
Second, Tovey isn't just "proud to be masculine," as I've seen some trolls insisting. It isn't "just the way he is" or "who he wants to be." Tovey places a positive moral value on being masculine, and negative value on gay male effeminacy.
For much of my life, I have taken what I was born with, mixed it with what the world has given me and crafted the man that everyone else sees. I've also learned to like who I am, regardless of how others see me. That's really no different than what Russell Tovey did.
Tovey currently stars as Kevin, the boss and on-again, off-again love interest of Patrick Murray (Jonathan Groff) on HBO's
I was the very embodiment of everything our society worries could go wrong with a little boy, and in my small Midwestern town in the early '80s, I was every father's nightmare awoken and menacingly mincing my way through our local mall's food court.
The 33-year-old actor, who is openly gay, spoke to The Guardian about "Banished," his new series about 18th century British
Tovey shared an image of the naughty confection on Instagram: The second season of "Looking" debuts on HBO on Jan. 11. "We're
"Looking," which revolves around the lives of gay men in San Francisco, has much to recommend it.
The series co-creator is British director Andrew Haigh (whose film Weekend won the Evening Standard Award for Best Screenplay
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