russell westbrook

The superstar point guard opens up about basketball and acting.
No one plays harder than Russell Westbrook. Sometimes it's because his team needs him to, sometimes it's because he feels like it. There is no default lower setting on Russ, but there could be a higher one.
Missing out on Durant must hurt, but those are the feelings of at least four other teams that were in contention. Out of all of them, Boston came the closest, having the world on hold of 24 hours.
The NBA's "second season" trumps all.
This is a 73-win team that has a legacy working. Durant isn't going there because he's the missing piece -- he's the Mario Star that kicks it into overdrive. So what happens now?
Several other American basketball stars have opted out of the Olympics, but none so far have cited Zika as their reason.
On-court hardship is nothing compared to what this team has dealt with.