Russell Wilson

“They’re your own blood in a way. You get to love them that way," the football star said about parenting 6-year-old Future with Ciara.
The singer, wearing a face mask, treated the newborn to a rendition of "Happy Birthday" in a video shared online.
“We don’t hear [too] much about US during this time," the singer said on Instagram.
The celebrity couple looked for pink or blue powder to learn whether they're having a girl or a boy.
Tooth be told, kids are the best part of late night TV right now.
The Seattle Seahawks quarterback took heat for his first 'do, but coiffed his way to Oscars night.
The singer and husband Russell Wilson celebrated becoming a family of five on Instagram.
The Seattle quarterback had other concerns after his team eliminated Philadelphia in an NFL wild-card game.
The married couple also paid homage to the Obamas in a very special way.
“ ... We both spent a lot of time around each other when we were pregnant, carrying our girls, but we never got to get them together," the singer said.