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The Russian president on Monday ordered the bulk of Russia's military in Syria to pull out after five months of air strikes.
"The destruction of this hospital deprives about 40,000 people of healthcare in this conflict zone."
On Wednesday, Russian and Syrian warplanes launched more than 150 new air raids on the town of Marasteh Khan.
Getting all the key players in the same room for the first time, particularly Saudi Arabia and its arch-enemy Iran, constituted a considerable diplomatic shift in dynamics. However, getting all on the same page remains a colossal, but not insurmountable, challenge.
It was the latest in a series of aerial encounters between the two countries since Russia launched airstrikes last month.
"After the September 11th attacks, we shared the U.S. pain as if it were our own."
Why Russian maps of Syria have vastly different versions of where ISIS controls territory.