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The WorldPost spoke with Sergey Aleksahenko, former deputy chairman of the Russian Central Bank.
Corruption in Russia is often underemphasized in plans to tackle the country's economic challenges due to prevailing tropes
MOSCOW -- Apparently, the Kremlin thinks that deploying 40 new ICBMs will somehow improve its image, just as the Soviet Union once used the same missiles in a misguided attempt to make itself more attractive.
Siluanov said on Friday that authorities would provide additional capital to the country's second-largest bank, VTB , and
* Kudrin: Russia to be downgraded to 'junk' status next year "Russia will get a downgrade," Kudrin said. " It will enter
Given that the price of oil is likely to remain low, Asian financiers -- even the Chinese -- do not seem eager to refinance Russian companies, and sanctions are unlikely to be lifted.
In the life of any country a situation can arise that requires a clear choice between positive change or stagnation and decline. At such times, only the collective will of the people can generate sufficient will to begin the process of change. And yes, sometimes the awakening of national consciousness begins with struggling over a mountain of dirty and snowy slush on the side of the road.
CURRENCY WARS But the side-effects -- political complacency, declining competitiveness and a misallocation of capital towards
Covering an area more than five times that of the European Union (EU), if Russia has its way, the 'Eurasian Union' (EAU) will serve as a de facto bond between the nations of the former Soviet Union, and could come to rival Europe in terms of economic importance.
Winston Churchill famously summarized his view of Russia as "[A] riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma." Even for the Russian people, Churchill's view remains largely true today, particularly in the business sector.
MOSCOW: The number of people living below the poverty line in Russia rose by a third from 18.5 million in the last quarter
Vice President Joe Biden said in an interview that Russia's economy is "withering," and suggested the trend will force the
Workers at Russia's Molot arms plant haven't seen their salaries in nearly six months. Unable to meet payroll, management
Gansu is one of interior China's most forlorn provinces, one that has gone largely unnoticed by the outside world. When I
"Everyone serious knows that in six months, things will be catastrophically bad here," says Mr Oreshkin. "Medvedev is subtly
Riot police flown in from Moscow clubbed, kicked and arrested dozens of people in Russia's Far East today as hundreds across