russia gay laws

"It's tough, members of the LGBT community face lots of discrimination in their lives, at work, at school... people are faced
Previously, staff members' personal status was determined by the laws of their country of nationality. But the United Nations
Although most of the provisions refer to physical impairments (such as blindness), "gender identity disorders" including
The Rocket Man, who is openly gay, told the audience, "Does that also make iPads gay propaganda?!" A BBC report (which can
U.S. Ambassador John F. Tefft said in a statement to the Associated Press that he "deeply regret[s] this decision by the
The brutality of these attacks is clear, but if that weren't enough, a bomb threat is phoned in to a theater hosting a gay
As for Russian President Vladimir Putin's role in enforcing the controversial legislation, Steele noted, "Putin himself has
According to The Hollywood Reporter, "To Russia With Love" will chronicle two generations of Olympic athletes who identify
Interestingly, as The Moscow Times pointed out, Khudyakov's argument could carry legal weight. A Russian politician is referencing
Gay porn mogul Michael Lucas is tackling Russia's controversial "gay propaganda" laws as part of a new documentary. Lucas