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A leading Russian actor says that he endorses a rerun of the Holocaust for gay people on behalf of his children, the latest outburst marking a rising tide of homophobia in the country.
(h/t Towleroad) On Nov. 23, assailants sprayed "some harmful gas" inside of the club, which contained roughly 500 patrons
There have reportedly been other attacks on the club and owners have appealed to local police for additional protection, according
Against the backdrop of increasing, institutionalized homophobia in Russia, I looked for positive and realistic images of LGBT Russians. As a photography historian and film curator, I am aware of the potency of visual representation -- the affirming power of self-representation in particular.
Russia's new legislation, implemented last month, is supposed to block "homosexual propaganda" around minors. However, it
I refuse to give my dollars to a country that diminishes free speech and basic humanity. So while I hope that the Olympic field of competition is fuller than ever, I also hope that the stadium is emptier, the profits at hotels and restaurants smaller, and the lines to buy souvenirs shorter.
Online commenters' shock and outrage mingled with genuine confusion as to how Russia could be so backward at a moment when the rest of the world -- and particularly the U.S. -- was making strides on gay rights.
SHRA points to a YouTube video showing a group of young people allegedly connected with this movement who are seen interrogating
Sidetrack cannot support a brand so associated with Russia at a time when Russia is implementing (against strong world criticism
Homophobia is a mark of failing nations. Even in America, it is the emblem of poor, second-tier states. It is the signpost of inferior cities that perpetually fail to reach their potential and can't figure out why.