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"It takes two to tango. We are ready to provide our services and I am sure they will be pretty advantageous compared to other
The economic, geopolitical and strategic ties between Tehran and Moscow have recently been on the rise, particularly after the Crimean crises and since Iranian President Hassan Rouhani participated in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit in Bishkek.
All the players (Iran, the P5+1, and Israel) have for years been using the Iranian nuclear question for their own political purposes. Although most informed experts believe there is no imminent danger from the Iranian nuclear project, there is a dangerous, ongoing, global political game.
MOSCOW, Feb 27 (Reuters) - Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said Russia is concerned about the "growing threat" of an attack
MOSCOW, Feb 22 (Reuters) - Russia warned Israel not to attack Iran over its nuclear programme, saying on Wednesday that military
Speaking at his annual news conference, Lavrov said Western nations must focus on efforts to revive long-dormant talks between
President Dmitry Medvedev Tuesday predicted a "new page" in Russia-US relations under Barack Obama, amid reports Moscow is
RAMALLAH, West Bank -- Iran is not on Hillary Rodham Clinton's itinerary in her first swing through the Middle East and Europe
Confusion reigned over reports that Russia might sell Iran sophisticated antiaircraft weapons despite a pledge not to. It's