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They had shut down after the demise of the Soviet Union.
The challenge for NATO is no different than it used to be in West Berlin: to persuade Russia that any war means full-scale war.
"This is intentional murder of our soldiers and this deed must be punished."
The exercises involve over 2,000 anti-aircraft troops and 500 items of weaponry and will last until April 10, Interfax news
The doctrine also says the main internal risks are activities to destabilize the situation in the country and the activities
With oil prices falling, corrupt officials see defense spending as their last opportunity to pocket government funds -- and they have no intention of sharing that windfall with foreign defense industry competitors. Putin's recently announced policy of substituting Russian goods for previously imported products will enable those senior officials to siphon off a significant portion of budgetary funds.
"If they are conducting a military exercise on the Northern Territories, we can by no means accept that in light of Japan's
On paper, Kiev has 121 combat aircraft including MiG-29 and Su-27 fast jet fighters and older Su-24 and Su-25 attack aircraft
President Obama's cancellation of the summit with Putin demonstrates the extent of the deterioration in American Russian relations. In a short time, the U.S. and Russia have moved from what some in Washington viewed as a hopeful partnership to an adversarial relationship.
He did not say how long the exercises would last. Disputes with Kiev over Moscow's continued lease of the Black Sea navy