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MOSCOW -- Apparently, the Kremlin thinks that deploying 40 new ICBMs will somehow improve its image, just as the Soviet Union once used the same missiles in a misguided attempt to make itself more attractive.
A watch with Putin's picture and 'KGB of the USSR' at a Moscow exhibition, Nov. 3 2003. (Maxim Koniayev/AFP/Getty Images
By Vladimir Soldatkin and Timothy Heritage Kirill Dmitriev, chief executive officer of the Russian Direct Investment Fund
MOSCOW -- Today's Russia rejects Western-style competition, the rule of law and independent institutions while allowing capitalism and certain changes to economic and social policy under strictly controlled limits. The result is an attempt to strengthen the Soviet experiment and take it to its logical conclusion. Thus, the Putin regime defines "better" not in absolute terms, but as improving upon the performance of former Soviet leaders.
By Timothy Heritage and Darya Korsunskaya (Editing by Ralph Boulton) Russia's parliament approved the annexation on March
He said he would go home to shower and change before heading to visit Nemtsov's grave, having missed the funeral on Tuesday
The exercises involve over 2,000 anti-aircraft troops and 500 items of weaponry and will last until April 10, Interfax news
Nemtsov, a former deputy prime minister, was shot dead as he walked with his girlfriend on Friday night near Red Square. He
"He said he would reveal persuasive evidence of the involvement of Russian armed forces in Ukraine. Someone was very afraid
A former deputy prime minister who had feared he would be murdered, Nemtsov was the most prominent opposition figure killed