The clock was reset 10 seconds closer than last year, making it the closest it has ever been to striking 12.
As temperatures drop below freezing in eastern Ukraine, those who haven’t already fled are now facing a difficult season.
Ukrainian forces are claiming new success in their counteroffensive against Russian forces in the east.
The low-key funeral reflects the Kremlin’s uneasiness about the legacy of Gorbachev, who is despised by many at home for the collapse of the Soviet Union.
Russian chess officials blamed the boy for moving too quickly, triggering a hurtful reaction from the mechanical competition.
Leaders from the Group of Seven developed democracies have pledged to phasing out or banning the import of Russian oil, as they met with Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to stress their support.
People who fled some of the hardest-hit regions of Ukraine now huddle in hallways during air-raid sirens.
“Even though [our people] understood that they would be outnumbered tenfold," he said, "we fought for our existence and for survival."
Authorities said Ukraine’s military has discovered indications of execution-style slayings to add to their case for prosecuting Russian officials for war crimes.
Ukrainian troops are moving cautiously to retake territory north of the country’s capital as Russian forces retreat from the area.