President Trump: Like President Reagan, Make Us Safer Dear President Elect Trump: I urge you to take a look at the policies
Of the many foreign policy pots and pans left neglected on the next President's stove, the one marked "Ukraine" may be ready to boil over.
I was 26 years old when my parents divorced. I never saw them act lovingly or respectfully towards one another. the most
The voiceovers actors truly match the emotions and voices of real teenagers. Each character has its own unique voice and
Leonid Sviridov insists he never acted as an agent for Russia
The Delegates' Lounge though served a more useful function than the trivial that this article might initially indicate. It is a common, neutral ground where ambassadors might bump into each other, even if their capitals did not have formal diplomatic relations.
n the Europe of the 1920s and 1930s, child rearing conventions were centered on not 'spoiling' the children with affection and freedom. We were never kissed nor told we were loved. I shook hands with my parents and curtsied when greeting adults. Respectful, quiet, and obedient.
When my grandmother called my father to say that a redheaded girl had been born, he just hung up, disappointed. He had hoped for a boy. My mother called me Natasha after her favorite character in Tolstoy's 'War and Peace.'
It was once fairly common for Russian dignitaries to visit surrounding villages. Local merchants and villagers would present
So a woman approached the Vazquezes, and in the spirit of neighborliness, promptly snapped, "We speak English in America." She also offered the helpful suggestion that the mother and son should "go back to Spain," even though Ms. Vasquez is from El Salvador.
While embarking on a book project about prominent immigrant women leaders, I realized that many of them are authors as well.
Rising Russian tennis star Violetta Degtiareva, dubbed the next Anna Kournikova, is dead at just 23 years old.
Originally, French service meant all the food served at a meal was placed on the table at once, and guests passed the platters and served themselves, what we think of today as family style. The modern buffet style of dining evolved from this.
To confront these metastasizing horrors a new treaty organization is needed: RNTO -- the Rational Nations Treaty Organization.
The United States and Russia should accelerate their efforts in this direction before it is too late. Let's put an end to historical or territorial recriminations. Both Azerbaijan and Armenia have enough territory to survive and prosper. And without each other, neither country will reach its true potential -- economic or otherwise.
I extend my arm and he drops a pile of sticks, sand, broken shells, seaweed, and what looks like straw into my open hand. Admiring the offering, I smile and close my hand gently around his gift and give him a wink as I walk towards the boardwalk.
She focused more on her experience in running a study abroad program than on preparing her charges for the rigors of overseas