russian elections

Putin has secured his reelection, and Russia's elites are ready to turn on one another.
MOSCOW -- If the tough economic crisis hasn't impacted Putin's popularity, then there is not much else that could.
In Russia's upcoming elections Vladimir Putin could teach Donald Trump a thing or two about building walls and manipulating fear of foreigners.
The new, preliminary report on the Sept. 14, 2014, elections in Russia, prepared by the independent Russian electoral rights group Golos, describes in bewildering detail how vote manipulation is carried out. In St. Petersburg, it says, "all known illegal techniques were used" against opposition and even rival pro-government candidates.
The Patriarch has denied any wrongdoing. Kirill has described Putin's 12-year rule of Russia as prime minister and president
* Church says anti-Russian forces seek to erode its authority The statement listed three other incidents in March in which
Putin may ease this rhetoric once he is back in the Kremlin, but diplomats say he is unlikely to quickly change policies
Whether the protesters recognize it or not, their coming achievements will build on the decisive contributions of Russia's greatest living statesmen, Mikhail Gorbachev.
So does Vladimir Putin think that if he called American elections unfair that people would be inspired to demonstrate??? It