Russian Empire

The dating app was included on a new list of online services that must provide user data on demand to Russian intelligence agencies.
The alleged persecutions are a throwback to an earlier crackdown, activists said Friday.
The Russian president denied accusations of meddling during a tense interview with NBC's Megyn Kelly.
Most Americans were told Donald Trump won the presidential election last year. But his policy toward Russia looks suspiciously
What the European Union’s 2014 Crimean sanctions can teach us today.
With the entire nation focused on the Trump-Russia investigation, why is the media ignoring the NRA’s extensive ties to Vladimir Putin’s government?
Listen to folks in Washington talk about the supposed Russian threat and you’d think America was a small, third-rate country
Putin may be a child of the KGB but he is also a son of mother Russia and he has an uncanny knack for knowing what characteristics Russians want to see in their leaders.
The Russian Dream is for the country to be a great empire and to inspire fear. Interviews I recently conducted in Moscow all ended with the same words: "First, the Olympic Games in Sochi, then we annexed Crimea. And now, we've won the hockey championships!"
Putin is being consistent with his training in martial arts and the KGB -- he is disciplined, calculating, precise, and seized an opportunity that presented itself in pursuit of his objectives. His thought process is not driven by Western principles, but, rather, realpolitik.