Russian Roulette

Top military experts and government institutions like the U.S. Department of Defense and National Intelligence Council warn that climate destabilization threatens our national security, yet global emissions just keep going up.
A teenage kidnapping survivor has revealed new details claiming that she was handcuffed, zip-tied and forced by her abductor to play a game of Russian roulette.
Prior to airing the full segment, "Today" revealed that DiMaggio tied up Anderson and forced her to play Russian Roulette
On Tuesday, Valley County Coroner Nathan Hess confirmed that DiMaggio died on Aug. 10 after being struck by six gunshots
"Russian Roulette" isn't one of the 25-year-old singer's best-known songs. The track, which never reached No.1 on the Billboard
McLendon was the third person to try, and the gun discharged, according to the Associated Press. But after further questioning
Because the gun belonged to Mays and because his friends said it was his idea to play the game, none of his friends were
The idea that the stock market does not need any government regulation is as naive and dangerous as the notion government need not closely watch the activities of Las-Vegas-type casinos. If government didn't scrutinize, greed would succeed.