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Military experts say the so-called "fireball" -- which was spotted in the skies at around 10:30 p.m. MDT on Sept. 2 over
On Monday, the descent module containing the lusty lizards and other experiments from the Foton-M4 satellite launched in
Next time you look up at the sky and spot a passing satellite, consider this: It just might be an out-of-control Russian spacecraft loaded with sexually-active geckos.
If mission control can't restore communications, the geckos will run out of food, then the satellite will come crashing to
Ecuador's first and only satellite collided with a Russian rocket fragment last week, reigniting the debate over the need for an international organization that would monitor space debris and find those who ignored international norms liable for costs.
"The chances that the satellites will separate from the booster and reach the designated orbit are practically non-existent
ASAT weapons can completely fragment a satellite, creating huge amounts of debris. And the natural targets of such an attack