Russian spy

Butina said if she was really an agent, "I would be the most unseen person on Earth."
Ekaterina "Katia" Zatuliveter insists that she is not a Russian spy operating in the UK. MI5, the British internal intelligence service insists that she was working for Russian intelligence and wants her deported from the UK.
With her stunning body and sultry charm, Russian spy Anna Chapman made easy prey of the men of America. To this day, they
"She is quite sexy, you could say, but she is not a spy," Palmer told the Dallas Morning News. He also declined to reveal
Authorities are detaining a 12th, previously undisclosed person implicated in the federal probe that busted a Cold War-style
"Anna was great in bed and she knew exactly what to do," said Alex, noting that the pair had once enjoyed a steamy rendezvous
Until the Russian sleepers spies' full story is revealed, it will be unclear why the Russians spent the effort and money, and took a significant political risk, to place the ring in the U.S.