Thousands of Russian men are seeking to avoid the call-up by fleeing into neighboring countries by land and air.
Artem Severiukhin, 15, is under investigation after a video went viral of him laughing about making the gesture at the FIA Karting European Championship.
Walking through Bucha, The Associated Press spoke with two dozen witnesses of the Russian occupation.
Authorities said Ukraine’s military has discovered indications of execution-style slayings to add to their case for prosecuting Russian officials for war crimes.
U.S. officials said Maj. Gen. Yevgeny Ilyin called the situation in his native country "tragic" in what they interpreted as a sign of greater divisions in Russia.
Associated Press journalists document what life has become in the southeastern Ukrainian city, which would be a key victory for the Russians.
Scott Pace, the former head of the National Space Council, said the space station “has been largely isolated” from political events.
“This is a party today without conviction and they are willing to be used by Russians,” said former Florida lawmaker David Jolly.
She hit back at Clinton's suggestion that the Hawaii congresswoman is a Russian asset.
"Donald Trump would be the world's worst spy," the "Daily Show" host says.