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The chair of the student center’s board said the vandalism was “undoubtedly fueled by Islamophobia.”
The Scarlet Knights basketball team stunned No. 1 Purdue in their first victory over a top-ranked team.
The Rutgers professor has received death threats from racists, who want to silence anyone who calls out white supremacy.
A leading anti-vaccine group is suing Rutgers University over its COVID-19 vaccine requirement, arguing it's “an affront to human dignity and personal freedom.”
Faculty and staff at the New Jersey school will be strongly encouraged to seek vaccinations, too.
The incident in a New Brunswick neighborhood is not believed to be related to the university or its students.
Greg Schiano has been accused of covering up Jerry Sandusky's child molestation during his time at Penn State.
The United States sets many more extreme heat records than extreme cold records; it sees more intense heat waves and weaker, briefer cold snaps.
Universities shouldn’t shelter students and protect them in a liberal bubble. It’s good for them to be exposed to ideas that might differ from theirs.