Ruth Ben-Ghiat

Ruth Ben-Ghiat broke down the former president’s effective “manipulation of emotion.”
Ruth Ben-Ghiat was asked: "Have you ever seen loyalty like this that doesn’t come at the barrel of a gun?”
It’s how “fragile and insecure” autocrats build themselves up, said Ruth Ben-Ghiat.
"They’re not going to stop with immigrants," said Ruth Ben-Ghiat, who explained the calculated reason behind Trump's "poisoning the blood" rhetoric.
Ruth Ben-Ghiat pointed to a 2016 boast from the former president that showed his true opinion on violence.
House Republicans opposing Jordan’s speaker bid have received death threats and been told to “go f**k yourself and die.”
The GOP candidate's failure to condemn the former president's attack on retired Gen. Mark Milley is an ominous sign for America, explained Ruth Ben-Ghiat.
"We will get through this and our democracy will be strengthened as a result," said Ruth Ben-Ghiat.
Ruth Ben-Ghiat explained how authoritarian takeovers usually go down.
Ruth Ben-Ghiat sounded the alarm on the future of American democracy if Trump gets back into the White House in the 2024 election.