ryan anderson

In the freestyle portion, four trucks made me want to indulge in ice cream, in no particular order: Monster Mutt, Hot Wheels
People often ask me what my dream is in my work at The Flawless Foundation and my answer is always the same: a world where the cause of mental health is celebrated and where every person living with these challenges is embraced by society.
The anti-gay right seem to be painting a portrait of victimhood in anticipation of further progress by the LGBT community and the goal is most likely to stop this progress. But I have one question. How in the hell can anyone forget how we got to this point?
Anderson said that his family and Gia's family plan to start a foundation in her honor. "The thing is, here, that something
Religious liberty and equality are fundamental constitutional values that are both worthy of respect and protection from the law. The peaceful coexistence of religious liberty and sexual minorities' equality is not an elusive pipe dream.
According to the New York Times, a new generation of conservatives has now taken up arms for marriage, which means -- of course -- raising arms against the right to marry a member of one's sex.
In the final minute of the game with the Nuggets clinging to a 99-97 lead over Orlando, the former UNC point guard used a