"A lot of my positivity has come down to knowing that I’ve got a small audience out there," he told the Verge in 2013. "I
The difference between a good boyfriend and a great boyfriend is how he responds to natural bodily functions. H/T Cosmopolitan
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For more with Gosling, head over to The Hollywood Reporter. "Here's one of me looking at some ducks, and I'm in some kind
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If you've read HuffPost Women in the last year, you've probably noticed that we're medium-obsessed with the Ryan Gosling
Highlights include: The mastermind behind Feminist Ryan Gosling is graduate student and blogger Danielle Henderson, who originally
Less than a year after Ryan Gosling was seen breaking up a fight in New York City, the "Drive" star has apparently played
It may be Friday -- the day that according to Rebecca Black we all "gotta get down" on -- but here in New York it's gloomy and gray outside. After a full week of working hard, sometimes it's difficult to motivate yourself through the last few hours.
Amaris told The Next Web, that her inspiration for SVRJ came from a combination of other Gosling blogs and her own experiences
We at HuffPost Arts were very wary of Ryan Gosling's takeover of the prized title of 'beautiful man/expert in everything
Hey girl. We know how much you love Ryan Gosling. So in honor of the first night of Hannukah, we present you with this genius