Ryan McGinley

"He's out here blessing my lovely ass on valentine's day," said one Twitter user.
The Depart Foundation held its first solo exhibition of works by Los Angeles-based artist Marc Horowitz on October 8, 2015 to a large crowd of art world curators, collectors and patrons.
It seems to be an unofficial rule of the modern art fair that sooner or later they are obliged to transcend their creative and physical boundaries and expand beyond their original brief and location.
Although the weather reports may not reflect it, spring is officially upon us! In celebration of the dawning of a kinder
"Photography" will show at Aperture Gallery from February 1–February 9, 2013. William Eggleston is the classic American veteran
There is a long-standing relationship between photography and anxiety. As photos become more easily snapped, widely spread
"Animals" is on view at Team Gallery in New York until June 2. In each piece, the titles combine color names with species
We gather as masses of people to observe a spectacle, whether it be a sports match, a rock concert, or a political rally
The most recent project is by renowned pop-artist Koons, who created playful, brightly lit pieces at Advocate Hope Children's
In an ever increasingly interconnected world, our identity can suffer from a lack of strong direction. What you see in Tokyo
Fashion has in fact moved away from the tents and hangs out downtown. While Charlotte Ronson and G-Star showed, Altuzarra paraded some wonderful chunky coats as Anna and fashion's tribe looked on.
By Kiša Lala The sponsorship of the arts is laudable when it's of economic benefit to the artists, and here the alliance
A peripatetic life is one that the artist has always known. Mostyn was born in San Francisco but moved with his mother to