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The "Pose" star said she lost out on a Marvel opportunity while waiting for Murphy to move forward with a season of "AHS" with an all-Black female cast.
Event organizers sued after a district attorney warned he intends to enforce the new statute even after another federal judge ruled it unconstitutional.
“It’s ugly. It’s not pretty. Do you want to look at it? If you do, watch it. If you don’t, look away," the creator of the hit Netflix series said.
The star of the controversial Netflix series said he needed to “get back into the light” after playing the real-life serial killer.
In hindsight, Ryan Murphy feels the show should have taken a different approach in honoring Monteith, who died in 2013 at age 31.
The next installment of the Ryan Murphy series showcases the impeachment of former President Bill Clinton.
The "really huge" pressure that elite athletes face was highlighted with the swim star's anecdote about his AirPods.
Ryan Murphy said he's still “committed” to creating a college fund for the late actor's son, Josey.
Netflix's queer-themed movie musical also stars James Corden, Nicole Kidman and Andrew Rannells. It debuts on the streaming service Dec. 11.