Ryan Murphy writer

The upcoming Netflix series "Ratched" from producer Ryan Murphy will explore the origins of the iconic villain.
The actor elaborated on claims she made about Michele's behind-the-scenes behavior, adding that her co-star's apology affirmed that "she hasn’t learned anything."
Steve Carell and Greg Daniels team up for the new show "Space Force."
The 77-year-old actor's career is brighter than ever, including a role in Ryan Murphy's 1940s revisionist-history series "Hollywood."
The British actor will play the former president while Beanie Feldstein will play Monica Lewinsky.
Ryan Murphy's first outing with Netflix promises a Ben Platt reinvention. Instead, we get more of the same.
An entertaining yet heart-wrenching show called "The Politician" debuts.
The "Pose" star's victory makes him a step closer to achieving EGOT status.
Ryan Murphy's LGBTQ-inclusive, game-changing show will be a hot contender at the September ceremony.
Season 9 is reportedly set in a summer camp and will pay tribute to classic slasher films.