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"She was so good that we used her first take," director Ryan Murphy said of her performance.
Netflix's "Ratched" tops the ranking yet again.
The upcoming Netflix series "Ratched" from producer Ryan Murphy will explore the origins of the iconic villain.
The actor elaborated on claims she made about Michele's behind-the-scenes behavior, adding that her co-star's apology affirmed that "she hasn’t learned anything."
Steve Carell and Greg Daniels team up for the new show "Space Force."
The 77-year-old actor's career is brighter than ever, including a role in Ryan Murphy's 1940s revisionist-history series "Hollywood."
The British actor will play the former president while Beanie Feldstein will play Monica Lewinsky.
Ryan Murphy's first outing with Netflix promises a Ben Platt reinvention. Instead, we get more of the same.
An entertaining yet heart-wrenching show called "The Politician" debuts.
The "Pose" star's victory makes him a step closer to achieving EGOT status.