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What is it with apologies? Why do some feel hollow and empty while others elicit understanding or even forgiveness? What are the specific qualities of an authentic apology?
Ryan O'Neal: That's a long rush! 45 years (laughs). Ryan O'Neal: We're getting braver, that's what we are doing. Ali, did
The pair returned to their old stomping grounds 45 years after the iconic film's release.
A source that wishes to remain anonymous has indicated to this reporter that Donald Trump will be starring in a remake of a famous 1970 romance. The original, which is considered one the most tear-producing movies of all time, starred Ali MacGraw and Ryan O'Neal.
It's been that long since MacGraw and Ryan O'Neal, her on-screen love interest, starred in the 1970 classic "Love Story," and
For smoke gets in Betty's eyes, preventing her from seeing and thinking clearly, like her decision to leave her three children
The Theory of Everything in the end is about everything. About the cosmos. About the existence of God. What can be scientifically proven and what can not. Disabilities, which we all have in a myriad of different ways, and what we do with them. It's a love story.
Also known as UT, an Andy Warhol portrait of the late Farrah Fawcett is already on display there. Why does UT need two? So
For more of Ryan O'Neal's emotional testimony, click over to RadarOnline. According to court documents, O’Neal said that