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The U.S. government plans to seek felony convictions for nearly 200 inauguration protesters. The first trial is now underway.
The FBI set off a massive car bomb to show the damage that a militia group's anti-Muslim attack could have inflicted.
St. Louis County won't drop spurious charges against journalists who were just doing their jobs.
Police said Reilly "moved his belongings around in an inefficacious manner."
The Huffington Post condemns the charges filed by St. Louis County against our Justice reporter, Ryan J. Reilly, while covering
St. Louis County prosecutors will soon decide whether to bring trespassing charges against two journalists arrested while
The "Drinking and Talking" continues as our panel discusses the business, policy and future of legal marijuana.
This week, all eyes were on Ferguson, Missouri, where unarmed black teenager Michael Brown was fatally shot by a white police officer. Further inflaming matters was the way largely peaceful protests of the shooting were met with tear gas and armored vehicles (and the arrest of journalists, including HuffPost's Ryan Reilly). This hyper-aggressive response raised bipartisan alarm about the militarization of America's police forces, which have received $4.3 billion in military hardware -- including 435 armored vehicles and 93,763 machine guns -- since 2006. This arms buildup partially grew out of the War on Drugs, which has largely become a war on young black and brown men; 50 percent of those impacted by SWAT raids are black and Latino. Though Missouri Highway Patrol Captain Ron Johnson helped restore calm to Ferguson by boldly replacing pointed assault rifles with hugs, handshakes and active listening, the simmering issues of race and how we police our communities cry out for a larger national conversation.
Welcome to the 'Dog Days' of summer, at the height of the political Silly Season. This year, one dog did indeed have his day in August, as 7-year-old 'Duke' just won a rather bizarre election to become mayor of Cormorant, Minnesota.
Peinado said she was already in the car and Flannery was about to get in when "at least seven armed" police officers surrounded