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During a speech to the Atlas Society in 2005, Ryan declared that "victimization" was "not dignifying." He also said he was
When Paul Ryan sits down to debate Joe Biden this week, he'll have some explaining to do. Why does his budget go after so many programs that have helped to grow and strengthen the middle class, including his own family?
Like Paul Ryan, my beliefs are "rooted in Janesville, Wisconsin." But what I can't understand is why some middle-class folks -- and their supporters -- might think Romney and Ryan have their best interests at heart.
In its place was an airport runaway with two private Romney campaign planes and a high-end bus for the campaign's across
If your politics revolves around protecting privilege, then lying to those without it is no big deal, for at the core of this new politics is a remarkable contempt for the well being of everyday people and the common good.
As Republicans gather in Tampa this week, they've got a bit of a problem: figuring out how to wine, dine, and celebrate their sugar daddies in style without ripping back the veil of secrecy they've drawn over their super-wealthy backers.
Ryan thought back on the humiliating “job interview” he had allowed himself to be subjected to before being chosen as Romney’s
The latest poll of 1,000 registered voters nationwide, surveyed from Aug. 16 to 20, found President Barack Obama with a narrow
Similarly, another automated telephone poll by Rasmussen Reports, conducted last week, found a 1-point edge for Romney (48
Simpson, who co-chaired President Obama's commission on debt and deficit reduction with Erskine Bowles, said during an appearance