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Again and again, Ryan has propounded tax cuts and a pro-growth message as a blanket solution to society's myriad problems
When Paul Ryan sits down to debate Joe Biden this week, he'll have some explaining to do. Why does his budget go after so many programs that have helped to grow and strengthen the middle class, including his own family?
Like Paul Ryan, my beliefs are "rooted in Janesville, Wisconsin." But what I can't understand is why some middle-class folks -- and their supporters -- might think Romney and Ryan have their best interests at heart.
Ryan shared that sense of creeping tyranny, she explained. Aides to the former governor insisted the day went according to
If your politics revolves around protecting privilege, then lying to those without it is no big deal, for at the core of this new politics is a remarkable contempt for the well being of everyday people and the common good.
As Republicans gather in Tampa this week, they've got a bit of a problem: figuring out how to wine, dine, and celebrate their sugar daddies in style without ripping back the veil of secrecy they've drawn over their super-wealthy backers.
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WASHINGTON -- With the first of the nominating conventions less than a week away, the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal
Similarly, another automated telephone poll by Rasmussen Reports, conducted last week, found a 1-point edge for Romney (48
"These guys will do nothing, either party, nothing, just B.S. and mush, the whole way through," he said. "Then, between the
Mitt Romney opened up several new lines of attack on his taxes this week -- such as labeling him "Mister Thirteen Percent" for his admitted tax rate. Even juicier is attacking what Mitt Romney would pay under Paul Ryan's budget plan.
“Mitt Romney already pays a lower tax rate than many middle class families, but with Romney-Ryan economics he would pay even
Requests for comment from WMTV-Madison and the Romney campaign and were not immediately returned. Since Ryan was announced
"We're going to continue to be firm that China operate by the same rules as everyone else," Obama said. "We don't want them
Two other national tracking polls released results on Wednesday showing similar single digit shifts that fell within the
But Ryan's engagement with journalists isn't limited to those on his side of the ideological fence. Costa, who has interviewed
One of Governor Romney's criticisms of President Obama is that he "takes his political inspiration from Europe..." Romney never gives specifics on this criticism. But the irony is that Romney (and Representative Ryan) "takes his political inspiration from Europe" and that the European policies they embrace have already proven disastrous there. Europe has some excellent and some terrible economic policies. Romney and Ryan have shown an unerring talent for embracing Europe's worst financial policies and denigrating its best policies. What is amazing is that no matter how badly the European policies fail, Romney and Ryan ignore those failures and promise to drag us down the path to inevitable failure as well.
OBAMA KIDS -- Democrats have been justifiably worried about ginning up the same level of enthusiasm that Obama generated
The Romney campaign has allowed reporters to cover fundraisers as long as they are in public venues and not at private residences
Women who don't have children aren't immune from these criticisms. The bottom of the email noted that Cantwell was "unmarried