Ryan White

Eighty-two percent of people receiving medical care from the Ryan White program no longer have detectable levels of HIV in their blood.
"How can we expect our kids not to bully when a person who is running for president bullies?”
If Ryan White were still alive, he would have seen that his legacy and example was really about destigmatizing AIDS by bringing people together who would not ordinarily have been in the same room.
I can barely remember a time before AIDS. I graduated high school in May 1981 at age 17. The day after graduation, I moved to Indianapolis to escape both farm life and parents unable to handle an out son. When I got there, I was shocked not only to discover so many others like me.
In the early hours of May 1, a historic bill passed the Iowa House that will modernize Iowa's discriminatory HIV law and forever change how people living with HIV will be treated.
I have heard some people refer to our current era as one in which HIV/AIDS and the discrimination surrounding it no longer pose major physical and social barriers. Unfortunately, nothing can be further from the truth even though much has improved since those terrible early years.
Freda Kelly, who ran the Beatles' fan club and was the secretary for their manager Brian Epstein, has refused to speak about or profit from her account of the eleven years she spent working for the Beatles. But with a desire for her grandson to know her story and her place in rock history, Freda is now ready to talk.
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Too many lives are at stake for ambiguity or duplicative systems development given the historic and unprecedented investment in Ryan White systems of HIV care.
Whether you own a business, are receiving government assistance, are involved in theater or a health care nonprofit, live with or care about fighting HIV/AIDS or want to guarantee your civil rights, you have a stake in the results of keeping the nation from falling off the "fiscal cliff."