I was able to sit down with Gretchen DeKnikker, COO at SaaStr and Co-Founder of Social Pandas, to talk about the SaaS universe
Social commerce is gaining headway, and could put up some surprising numbers this year. This unique combination between ecommerce
How has the SaaS business changed in the last ten years? originally appeared on Quora: the place to gain and share knowledge
Rachel is the General Manager and co-founder of BIME Analytics, a pioneer in SaaS Cloud Business Intelligence (BI) startup
In this scenario, things go so well for Gary and he truly enjoys the start to his retirement, that he actually wishes he
Selling software-as-a-service can be a challenge for many salespeople. If you're not prospecting well enough, however, it can be almost impossible. Here are five common mistakes salespeople must avoid when selling SaaS solutions.
Knowing you need a plan is one thing. But a smart product plan does not develop overnight. A roadmap to success takes planning and a true understanding of your company's vision -- the "true north" for where you are headed.
Increasingly, technology is sold as a "solution" into every business function, including procurement. The range of technology options available, coupled with powerful sales and marketing messages, can often overwhelm decision makers. The C-suite and procurement leaders face a common dilemma when choosing procurement software: should the new software system be an "on-premises" application or a cloud solution?
So you're in need of marketing data. Great! Whether you're using this data for your own marketing research, or whether you're using it to inspire new content, it's important to make sure you're getting your information from credible sources.
Don't count churn until after 90 days. This is quite common in self-service businesses. If a customer churns in a week, why