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Good intentions don't stop us from sometimes operating in a way that damages the work we care so deeply about. We get in our own way not because the CIA made us do it, but possibly because we haven't been appropriately self-reflective.
The relationship had been relatively short, and I had been the one to break it off. Even so, I had been torn up over it for many months. I understood too late, that there had been something there. Something real that could have been more.
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It's mid-January and you're already off your diet??? What happened? It could have been: too much enthusiasm. you may be saying what? How can I be too enthusiastic about getting fit? The answer is: Because you are trying to make too many life-altering changes at once.
With the Christmas and New Year period rapidly approaching, I was reminded of a conversation I had had with a friend earlier in January. We had been discussing how the busyness over the Christmas and New Year period can distract us from our true resolutions. And as women this distractional pull is huge as you juggle so much, not only for yourself, but others around you too.
“Everybody has a personal truth. It’s what you say about yourself when nobody else is looking, nobody else is listening,” Dr
What Sen. Tom Cotton and his colleagues have done is to strengthen the hard liners' ability to stop a deal. Let's remember that if they are successful and the negotiations collapse, the international sanctions will almost certainly collapse as well.
While U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is trying to negotiate the most critical elements of a deal to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons and avoid war, the Republicans are actively trying to undermine his efforts to get a deal.
Work slowdowns tend to be a blue-collar tactic, though they do occur in white-collar environments when deadlines continue to get pushed back. They may not be obvious, though; and as I've suggested, they're not always deliberate.
Can you imagine a huge, cigar-chomping Austrian man in a Wes Anderson movie?
It's a strange time to be Arnold Schwarzenegger. The one-time (and future?) Conan the Barbarian's heyday sitting astride the global box office, bounding from blockbuster to blockbuster, seems like an eternity ago.
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This development has brought incredible resources to the area, but the rent-regulated homes of Williamsburg are being systematically and violently dismantled by crooked landlords.
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Unless this operation was planned by a clumsy and unsupervised Iranian intelligence officer, now behind bars in Tehran, this operation must have had purposes other than traditional espionage.
Will these tactics make the 9-to-5 grind way more fun? Yeah. Will they certainly get you fired? Sure. But hey, you always
While a number of things may come to mind when reflecting upon director Spike Jonze's 1994 classic music video for the Beastie
Issue #2: You’re feeling unaccomplished. Other writers are being published all around you, and you’re starting to feel that
The NRC, which has been monitoring the San Onofre facility as it scrambles to repair the failed equipment and bring the plant
When it comes to campaigning and messaging -- as opposed to governing and solving real-life problems -- Republicans almost always surpass expectations. If Democrats "get it," they could use the same strategy to their great advantage.
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Just to keep things confusing for viewers, "Dance Moms: Miami" (Tue., 10 p.m. ET on Lifetime) features an Abby as well, but