Sabra Hummus

Smart marketing combined with a vision for a new kind of brand accelerated the trajectory of this wonderful challenger. And all of this, according to the article in Fast Company, grew Sabra hummus at an accelerated rate. Since the PepsiCo deal, Sabra's revenue has grown 400%.
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In this week's special Fourth of July issue, Saki Knafo looks at the Americanization of one of the Middle East's most traditional dishes: hummus. Elsewhere in the issue, we feature a photo essay of Americans as seen from the backs of their t-shirts. And we've gone all in on features about America's culinary traditions from clambakes and cocktails to ice cream and a survey of American foods that, alas, aren't really American.
Saki Knafo joins Ahmed to discuss what Sabra's intent to make their hummus more mainstream is really all about.
In Israel, meanwhile, yet another hummus debate was raging, and although it was the least overtly political of the controversies
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