Sacramento Police Department

The boy, pinned to the ground, can be heard saying “I can’t breathe” through the sack, which officers referred to as a “spit mask.”
After decades of pursuing the Golden State Killer, Sacramento Police identified an alleged suspect by using an online DNA database.
New video footage released by the Sacramento Police Department shows officers waiting over five minutes to help Stephon Clark after shooting him eight times in his grandmother’s backyard.
Officers wondered whether he was armed and pretending to be dead.
The march was held on the same day police killed yet another unarmed black man.
Former Sacramento Kings player Matt Barnes held a rally in honor of Clark Saturday. Black Lives Matter led a protest through downtown the night before.
About 200 demonstrators squared off with police in riot gear overnight, and more protests are planned for Saturday.
Police shot at Clark 20 times outside the Sacramento home he shared with his grandparents and children.
Hundreds of mourners gathered to honor the young man shot dead by police.
A funeral is planned for the 22-year-old Thursday. He was unarmed when killed by Sacramento police.