Sacred Heart

The march came after immigration officials arrested 680 migrants last week at seven poultry plants in Mississippi, leaving many children without their parents.
What do you imagine the life of a nun looks like? As a child, you might have imagined the lifestyle of a cloistered nun to be similar to Julie Andrews' whimsical life in the abbey in the Sound of Music. Basically, your definition of a cloistered nun would include a lot of praying, singing, and helping each other out.
Respecting differences is a critical element of everything that happens at colleges and universities. The dignity and value of every human being is paramount, and the hope is that graduates go into the world enriched with the tools and resolve to help make it a better place for everyone they encounter
Debate and opportunities for expressing diverse opinions often serve as a catalyst for constructive action. Universities
Less than three years after I chose to live as a Christian back in my hometown of Cleveland, Ohio, I was living in the student
You have been cited as being distressed that people are being hurt through this process. It is true. Of all those hurt, the most harm has come to the youth in Mount Pleasant who are still struggling to figure out who they are.
After that helicopter ride and subsequent hospitalization, Ola and her family knew she needed the transplants or she wouldn’t
Permit me a meditation on the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and, believe it or not, the way that this traditional devotion can help the Catholic Church address some of the factors behind the sexual abuse crisis.