sacred sightings

The holy spirit can move us in mysterious ways.
When Kym Ackerman, 32, went in for her regular dental check-up on March 25, the hygienist didn't find any cavities, but they
After a landslide last week in San Francisco in Putamayo, Colombia an image that some say looks like Jesus appeared, according
Readers of HuffPost Weird News reportedly see him all throughout the year, in everything from chicken to waves and trees
This isn't the first time Jesus and chicken have connected on the weird news front. "Everyone I show this too says it looks
“You can do anything in a clown costume,” she told, adding that is, anything appropriate for church. God moves
Monsignor Raymond Dreiling with the Catholic Diocese of Fresno isn't so sure. "Is that God speaking to us? In a specific
A Tennessee lumber yard owner is stumped with what to do with a split-open tree trunk that appears to bear the image of Jesus
The gnome is up for sale on eBay because Andrews worries about people who believe the statue is demonic. Andrews has promised